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by Matt Hackett, 2012 Feb 27
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Big things going on with Onslaught! and Onslaught! Arena today:

  1. Both games are now free (previously $1.99)
  2. The Onslaught! OST has been released
  3. Onslaught! Arena is now open source

Not familiar with the Onslaught! games? Check out our post Onslaught! -- a history of violence (in images).

1. Play for free!

So, first things first: if you haven't already, you should go slay monsters for free on one of these fine platforms right now: Android tablets, iPad, Chrome Web Store, Mac App Store or…

Play Onslaught! Arena in your browser

2. Onslaught! OST

Onslaught! OST cover

Onslaught!'s music composer Joshua Morse has released the Onslaught! OST and it's really awesome. You should absolutely go pick it up on Bandcamp right now. Need more evidence? Check out the promo video below:

Watch this awesome promo video

3. Onslaught! Arena source code

Onslaught! Arena is now also open source on the Lost Decade Games GitHub page. Warning! The code is pretty old at this point and we're both embarrassed by the bad quality of it. But there's still tons of great object and math code in there to read and learn from if you're new to JavaScript or game dev.

We've chosen a GPL (General Public License) for Onslaught! Arena. This means you can fork it and make whatever you want, but it must also be open source. We also retain the rights to all game assets. tl;dr: make whatever you want with it but you can't sell it.

Note that only Onslaught! Arena (and not Onslaught!) is open source. While the games are just slightly different, Onslaught! was built using the Game Closure SDK and cannot be shared just yet.

Put your eyeballs on this source code

More exciting stuff coming soon

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One final note: if you are one of the fine human beings who purchased the game while it was for sale, we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our nerdy hearts. You've kept us going and have given us hope for chasing the indie dream. Thanks for your support!

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