Announcing Onslaught! Arena for sale in the Google Chrome Webstore!

by Geoff Blair, 2010 Dec 7
How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself

Lost Decade Games is proud to announce its first release: Onslaught! Arena, a medieval fantasy arcade shoot 'em up. Built using HTML5 technologies, Onslaught! Arena is now available for sale in the Chrome Webstore via Google Checkout.

About Onslaught! Arena

Originally created for the Games Inspired by Music contest from Boing Boing, Onslaught! Arena began as a quick two-week project with programming by Geoff Blair, art by Matt Hackett and music/sound effects by Joshua Morse. Over the next few months, Geoff and Matt continued to tweak and improve the game and stuff it full of content, including:

About Lost Decade Games

Lost Decade Games was founded by Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett in September of 2010. Combined, Geoff and Matt have over 20 years of programming and design experience. Our goal is to create engaging, fun HTML5 games with a focus on gameplay and strategy.

About the Chrome Webstore

The Chrome Webstore is "an open market for apps." Released by Google in December of 2010, the webstore enables users to easily discover and install applications built for the web, with the option to pay for premium software via Google Checkout.

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