Asylum Night graphics are now free to use

by Matt Hackett, 2014 Apr 16
Asylum Night on Open Game Art

Remember Asylum Night? We made it a while ago as part of Indie Speed Run, a 48-hour game jam. We were randomly given the theme “telepathy” and the element “booby-traps” which we had to use in the game. (It also needed to be mobile-friendly so we could license it to portal companies, an internal requirement.)

Asylum Night sprite

What we came up with is a weird riff on a game Geoff and I both love: Plants VS Zombies. And now the graphics in Asylum Night are free for anyone to use! The license is straight-forward: you can display, distribute, remix, profit, whatever you wanna do, please just attribute “Original artwork by Lost Decade Games” and we’re solid.

Get the graphics on Open Game Art

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