A Wizard's Lizard Art Asset Overview

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Nov 16

We’re working hard on finishing A Wizard’s Lizard (previously Crypt Run) and I thought it might be fun to visualize how much content this game has so far. Below are incomplete samplings of some of the monsters, objects, traps, weapons, and characters we’ve added so far:


There are currently over 30 monsters in A Wizard’s Lizard, and we haven’t even finished the boss encounters yet!


Objects include stuff like barrels, chests, treasure, tables, pots, jars… fun thematic stuff!


These are the elements in the game that players might not be forced to deal with, but can be quite dangerous if they do!


Who doesn’t love a good weapon?! A Wizard’s Lizard has swords, axes, daggers, lances, boomerangs, shovels, tridents… you name it!


We’re only just now starting to flesh out characters with actual stories and player interaction, but we frontloaded a bunch of the artwork for them.

We’ll be releasing a beta build of A Wizard’s Lizard to ALL preorders next week, so be sure to preorder if you haven’t yet! This build will also include a bunch of Kickstarter backer paintings, for which I’ll probably make another post. Fun times ahead!

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