Boing Boing Contest Post Mortem -- Onslaught!

by Geoff Blair, 2010 Jul 20

There are a lot of game development contests out there, and for the longest time it's felt like we kept missing them. So when we heard about Boing Boing's Music Inspired by Games contest, we decided to derail our current game project a bit and dive in. Here's our postmortem on how that went.

The Game We Built

First things first, we built a game called Onslaught! which can be played in a canvas-enabled browser.

What Worked Well

Games Inspired by Music

What Didn't Work So Well


Onslaught! dragon

We made some mistakes and learned some valuable lessons. And now we have something that we can (and have!) submitted to other contests. And the great thing is that, for the Free Play contest, we were able to spend most of our time tweaking gameplay for fun factor instead of building from scratch.

Also, having a hard deadline that you cannot push back can be very good for productivity. All in all, it was a great experience and we highly recommending entering a contest if you happen to come across one.


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