Crypt Run is now A Wizard's Lizard

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Oct 21
A Wizard's Lizard

Big news! Our Kickstarter-backed game Crypt Run is now called A Wizard’s Lizard. Why change the name?

This isn’t a decision that we made lightly. We’ve been pushing this game for some time, and it’s not really resonating with the press. We’re grateful for the coverage we’ve been able to get, but the reality is that this game needs to find a big audience in order to be able to support us.

Our feeling is that “A Wizard’s Lizard” has more personality and is more memorable than “Crypt Run”. Additionally, it works great with our new narrative where players take on the role of a lizard transformed into a humanoid!

Here’s a teaser from the upcoming storyline:

You are Raga, the lizard familiar of a respected wizard in the town of Amberfall. When your master unlocks the magic of eternal life, Death is offended and takes him away. In the turmoil, a magical shape-changing potion spills on you, transforming your figure into a humanoid! In this action RPG, wield powerful weapons and battle monstrous beasts as you avenge your master and conquer Death!

New release date

The bad news is that we’re pushing the release date back. Why?

  1. We’ve had the good fortune of being invited to participate in the HTML5 Developer Conference’s 2013 keynote. This is a great opportunity for Lost Decade Games but has had the unfortunate side effect of taking up a bunch of our dev time.
  2. Halloween seems like a great date to launch a grizzly game about death, but actually it’s pretty bad from a marketing perspective. For one, a Thursday before an event-packed weekend is a lousy time to launch any game. Additionally, this date conflicts heavily with the gaming industry’s launch of new consoles (including PS4, Xbone, and Steam Box).
  3. We’re behind! Making games is hard, and we’re terrible estimators of how long this stuff takes. Our apologies for not making this goal, and we plan to make it up to you in spades.

The good news is that we’ll be working on the game longer, making it much better for you! Our hope is to do the big launch in Q1 2014. Also, that means more updates for you wonderful Early Access gamers (both from Kickstarter and Humble).

Beta release coming early November

To make up for our slowness, we’ll be pushing out a beta version of A Wizard’s Lizard in early November. This won’t be a complete game of course, but will allow us to deliver a timely experience to those of you who are expecting it.

Check out the new website and let us know your thoughts!

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