Half-time! 15 days left in the Crypt Run Kickstarter campaign

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Jul 26

What a crazy couple of weeks! There are only 15 days left in the Crypt Run Kickstarter campaign, which seemed like a great time for a recap of what’s been happening.

With 164 backers, we’re currently at 86% of our goal. Thank you! These promising numbers, combined with our 3-day demo at Indie Prize Showcase next week, give us a lot of confidence that we’ll be able to finish this game for you! To keep the momentum going, we’ve been pushing hard on updates, including…

Another way to pay

If you’re subscribed to our mailing list or already backing the Kickstarter, you may have heard about Crypt Run’s new Humble Store widgets. These widgets allow you to use any payment service you prefer, via PayPal or Google Wallet.

Introducing a new reward tier

Crypt Run tombstones

Some wonderful people informed us that they wanted to make their mark on Crypt Run, but that the $100 in-game portrait reward was a bit too pricey. We listened, and have introduced a new reward tier at $50, for which you get to label a tombstone in a special room in the cemetery dungeon. We don’t yet know exactly how this will work, but we’ll do something cool with it, promise!

Crypt Run tombstones

JumpToGamer interview

I had a great email conversation with Stefan Richings of JumpToGamer, which led to this thoughtful and well-written article. Check it out!

Game Front’s Indie Gems spotlight

Oh man, it’s so hard to watch someone playing your unfinished game! But I’m still really excited about Crypt Run’s Indie Gems spotlight on Game Front:

DarkCast podcast

Lastly, good news for Lostcast fans: we were on another podcast called DarkCast! It’s over an hour of Crypt Run and general gaming chat, have a listen!

I think that’s everything, at least for now. Thanks for reading, and YOU! You have yourself a great weekend. Thanks again for your support!

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