Details about our next game Burn Tactics

by Matt Hackett, 2011 Jan 16
Burn Tactics

Update: we had to change plans, so Burn Tactics is no longer under development.

We recently started developing our next game, tentatively called Burn Tactics. The concept is a turn-based medieval fantasy strategy game where players control a vengeful dragon who's intent on burning down villages and seeking havoc on the kingdom.

While we're still very early in development, we've already made wireframes for every screen in the game and have figured out how the interface will flow in its entirety. As you can see from the included images, we'll be periodically uploading (really rough and ugly!) screenshots of our progress. We even have some game code written; we're using the impact HTML5 game engine and are so far really liking it.

Why we chose to work on this game

We've had probably a dozen ideas for what to work on next including puzzle games, RTS games, or even a sequel to Onslaught! Arena. Among all these directions we could go, we decided to work on Burn Tactics for the following reasons:


Burn Tactics

Though many players are enjoying Onslaught! Arena, we've also heard that some of them are turned off by certain features, including:

Burn Tactics is a concept that shouldn't have these problems, so hopefully it'll appeal to a larger audience of gamers.

Small in scope

Burn Tactics

As you may have read before, we both have bad habits of letting our game concepts explode into unclimbable mountains. Given that, our mantra for Burn Tactics is:


While we would love to get Onslaught! Arena onto mobile platforms such as Android and iPad, there are many hurdles and in some cases, brick walls. Conversely, Burn Tactics is being designed from the ground up to make it feasible to get onto mobile/touch devices. This is great because releasing Onslaught! Arena onto these devices has been one of our most common requests.

We're still working on Onslaught! Arena

We've got some issues we're looking into fixing and we're also trying to get Onslaught! Arena into the new Mac OSX App Store.

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