Free Art Friday: Lemcraft

by Matt Hackett, 2012 May 4

Free Art Friday is a monthly graphics giveaway I’m experimenting with. We’ve got a bunch of unused art sitting around, collecting digital dust. So why not give it to the community? If there’s enough interest, I’ll be doing more of these…

Lemcraft gameplay

So while working with Game Closure I had some downtime to learn their SDK, so I built an entire game from scratch in about a week. It’s a casual puzzle side-scrolling game I called Lemcraft (since it’s essentially Lemmings meets Minecraft).

In Lemcraft, players tap the terrain to destroy it, then they can place gathered material in other areas to help the lemmings get to the end of the level.

Lemcraft gameplay

Anyway it’s gone now, lost in the abyss of stealth mode, API breakage and other stuff I won’t get into. But the graphics remain! So here they are for your enjoyment and usage.

Lemcraft gameplay

Get the art

It’s up on OpenGameArt.org or you can click the ridiculously large button below to download the whole package as a zip:

Download lemcraft_art.zip (714k, 22 files)

Want more?

What do you think of Free Art Friday? If the response is positive, I’ll be doing one of these on the first Friday of every month!

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