Wish Geoff a happy birthday by playing as him in the Crypt Run alpha

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Sep 16
Crypt Run -- play as Geoff

It’s Geoff’s birthday! He’s 96 or something. Here at Lost Decade, it’s kind of a tradition to give each other company-branded products (shirts, stickers, etc.), but we’re especially poor at the moment, so instead I animated him and stuck him in Crypt Run. What fun!

For Geoff’s birthday last year, I added a sprite of him to Lava Blade (a graphic we didn’t use until we “launched” Treasure Geoff). We’ve come a long way since then! At the time, Lava Blade was being built as a side-scrolling platformer, and we now know how that went…

Crypt Run -- play as Geoff

In the next build going out soon, Crypt Run early alpha users can type “ldgeoff” and their player avatar will turn into Geoff. Good Geoff-related times are to be had by all. Will we introduce some secret that only Geoff can unlock?!

Be sure to wish Geoff a happy birthday on Twitter or the LDG forum!

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