Help fund Dragons Gameboard, get new Onslaught!-style pixel art

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Aug 9

The awesome team over at Brass Monkey has just launched a really interesting kickstarter called Dragons Gameboard. It’s an open source, virtualized role-playing game mat that allows up to 16 simultaneous players. Instead of role-playing on a tabletop, imagine lounging around on your couch, with the gameboard visible on your television set, and everyone interacting with their mobile phones. Sounds cool to me!

Dragons Gameboard

As you can see from the above photo, they’ve got pins with Onslaught! Arena artwork that they’ve been using while developing prototypes. Part of the project’s fund includes commissioning new, free-to-use artwork from us in that same style. So by backing Dragons Gameboard you’ll also be helping our little game company out too.

Anyway it’s a super cool project, created by a team that has proven they can build cool things. Speaking of which, have you played Onslaught! Arena on Brass Monkey? If not, you should! It’s really cool tech that “just works” and it’s neat to see Onslaught! integrated with it.

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