How to Make a Video Game on Laser Time Podcast

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Jun 4
Matt Hackett on Laser Time podcast

Were you sad that there was no Lostcast yesterday? Us too, but this might help: I was recently on an episode of Laser Time, a podcast run by games journalogist Chris Antista. The episode’s called Make a Video Game and we talk about things that might be familiar to Lostcast listeners, like HTML5 and independent game development.

Listen to How to Make a Video Game

If you missed it, I also co-hosted a recent episode of VGMPire, a video game music podcast ran by my friend Brett Elston. The episode’s called Shining the Blues and we talk about a franchise that really influences Lost Decade – the Shining series! It even has an exclusive Shining remix from master of funk Joshua Morse!

Listen to Shining the Blues

Tomorrow we’re interviewing a Google developer for the next episode of Lostcast. We’ll post that episode this upcoming Sunday!

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