Lava background sprite creation (timelapse)

by Matt Hackett, 2011 May 25
How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself

If you follow us on Twitter you may already know this, but we've been busy working on a new version of Onslaught. We're really excited to be preparing the game for iPad, and instead of just delivering a straight-up port we'll be adding a ton of new content.

The new content ranges all over from weapons, monsters and a new boss, but one the most signifcant updates will be four brand new environments. This should be fun: the last stage takes place inside a damn volcano! I've been working really hard to make interesting environments for players to enjoy and thought a timelapse video of their creation might be fun to watch:



Hope you like it; it was a blast to make! And what is that background music? Why, it's a brand new soundtrack by Joshua Morse! Players will be treated to at least 5 brand new nuggets of music goodness. If you're a fan of Onslaught, retro games or the iPad, keep you eye on this space! We'll be blogging about our new iPad game hopefully in the next few weeks.

And (though the timelapse doesn't cover everything), here's the final product:


Onslaught Volcano stage

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