Lava Blade feedback word clouds

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Nov 17

Yes indeed, the Lava Blade alpha is still going on. We’re swamped with other projects, but we’re eager to dive back into the game, especially after having received so much excellent feedback.

On that note, my lovely wife Andrea (a professional user researcher) has compiled some of the feedback we have so far and is beginning to examine it. Just for fun, she made word clouds out of some of the open-ended survey questions.

All words

This data isn’t really all that useful from an actual research perspective, but I think it’s pretty cool to look at. It’s interesting that it can give you a slight feel for the game without even having played it.

Overall game pacing and goals

Lastly, there’s this pretty large overall game pacing image that wouldn’t fit into our narrow blog.


We’re neck-deep into development of a realtime multiplayer game so I need to get back to the grind. You might too, if you’re competing in the GitHub Game Off competition I’m judging!

Characters, enemies, weapons, store

On a side note, tomorrow’s the one year anniversary of Lostcast and we’re posting an extra-long podcast to celebrate. Hope to see your ears there!

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