Lostcast 3: Ramble On

by Matt Hackett, 2011 Dec 9

Lostcast is the Lost Decade Games podcast, where Geoff and Matt talk about playing games, making games, and running an indie game company.

Join us as we ramble on about locking down your HTML5 game’s source code

Download Lostcast 3 (24:39, 20MB)

In episode 3, we ramble incoherently about ways to help lock down your HTML5 game’s source code. You may notice that this episode is significantly shorter than the previous two: this is based on popular feedback from Twitter. Also based on feedback, we did not include background music this time around.

Show notes

Thanks for listening! Pretty soon we plan to play some HTML5 games and do some realtime reviews of them. If you have made or know about a game we should review, contact us!

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