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Lostcast 9: That's Rich

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Feb 23

Lostcast is our podcast about HTML5 games. In episode 9, we talk with flash developer and HTML5 games advocate Rich Davey. He’s got years of flash game development experience under his belt, so we discuss in great detail the differences between these two similar yet very different development platorms.

Rich is a fascinating guy with a delightful accent so you should totally have a listen!

Download Lostcast episode 9 (1:03:42, 73MB)

HTML5 Game Spotlight: Pixel Blast

Pixel Blast

Pixel Blast is a fun, polished HTML5 game which is pretty interesting because it’s made by “one man games development company”, and also leverages GameMaker to output to HTML5.

Show notes

Thanks for listening! We love getting questions and comments, so please email us if you have any.

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