Lunch Bug 1.20.16

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Jul 23

In case you missed it, we launched Lunch Bug last week! It’s available to play right now on Pokki, the Chrome Web Store and the open web. It supports modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well as mobile browsers such as Mobile Safari and the Android browser.

Play Lunch Bug!

We’re pleased that the feedback has been overall very positive, but as always, there are improvements that can be made. I think the biggest issue with the game right now is the tutorial. In the first five levels of the game, players must go through mandatory modals and step-by-step instructions on how to play. Additionally, the tutorial first sets the expectation that there will be an “OK” button to press, but then the very next step changes the focus to the game board, confusing many players.

In version 1.20.16, I’ve added the ability to skip the tutorial, as well as an animated hand image to indicate when users are asked to interact with the board instead of a button. These simple changes should help make the game both easier for new players to understand and less frustrating for returning players.

Skip that tutorial, son!

What’s next?

Players like the very helpful Vincent Scheib have suggested that the tutorial may introduce too much too quickly, and I definitely agree. Believe it or not, the live version of the tutorial is the fifth (or so) iteration! The early versions of the tutorial were really unintuitive, so we’ve come a long way. But I’d like to do at least one more from-scratch approach to the tutorial, this time focusing on transparency, simplicity, and smaller steps.

We’ve also talked a lot about adding new pieces and levels to the game. However, it might be a while before I can work on Lunch Bug, as Geoff and I are now in fulltime production mode for our next game Lava Blade. We’ve got a working prototype and Joshua Morse has already done a bunch of really amazing songs. More to come!

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