Lunch Bug 1.20.19: tutorial bug fix

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Aug 20

This might be confusing – there was a bug in Lunch Bug! While the game does revolve around feeding fruit to the title characters, we don’t want there to be any software bugs. This particular bug was a pretty nasty one. Here’s what was happening:

Lunch Bug level 5

As you can see in the above screenshot, a tutorial window pops up on level 5, explaining the new Spade piece. As expected, many players are skipping the tutorials altogether. The problem with level 5 was that the Store button is disabled by default, assuming the tutorial would enable it at the appropriate time. But when players skipped the tutorial, the game forgot to enable the Store button.

I’ve fixed this bug in version 1.20.19. Not sure if you’re on the right version? Try refreshing your browser and looking for the version listed on the title screen.

Lunch Bug is on FIRE!

It’s great to be receiving bug reports from users, because that means people are playing the game! Did you see that Lunch Bug is currently featured on the Chrome Web Store? Well now it’s on FIRE (whatever that means, but we assume it’s a good thing).

If you haven’t played it yet, you should right now on Pokki, the Chrome Web Store, or the open web. It works in modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well as mobile browsers such as Mobile Safari and the Android browser. Have fun, and keep reporting those bugs!

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