Nintendo approves Lost Decade as official developer, Crypt Run sets Wii U stretch goal

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Aug 4
Crypt Run on Wii U

I’m so excited I can barely type this! Today I get to announce that Lost Decade Games is now an officially licensed Nintendo developer! Lifelong dream unlocked!!

We met two awesome Nintendo guys when we were at Casual Connect last week, and they’ve been very responsive and eager to help. I can’t go into detail, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Nintendo’s remarkable support.

So given this exciting news, we’ve updated Crypt Run’s stretch goals to include Wii U. Read all about it on the Kickstarter update and please help us spread the word to Nintendo’s legions of fans!

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  4. Lost Decade Games press kit

Crypt Run in the media

Have you seen Crypt Run popping up on the Interwebz? Here’s some of the recent coverage:

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