Our new blog is running on Jekyll

by Matt Hackett, 2011 Sep 12

Welcome to our new website! As web developers, we’ve been aware that our site has been a bit … sad? For entirely too long now. So we rolled up our sleeves, made a brand new design and moved our blog off of Posterous.

What’s different?

Our new site is hosted via GitHub Pages and is powered by Jekyll – a “blog-aware, static site generator.” There are several benefits to this setup:

In addition to the above changes we’re using LESS to write cleaner and more easily maintained CSS.

It looks like we’re not the only ones migrating our site to GitHub Pages, either. Check out this article from Development Seed for some great tips on using Jeykll.

More organized GitHub repos

Our demos and code samples used to all be thrown into our public manor repo, but this made for awkward forking and wasn’t very clean. Now we’ve made separate repos for our demos including:

So fork, fork away!

So long, comments!

We mourn the loss of our comments. Thank you to all who contributed to discussions on our blog, but we hope that moving forward, relying on social networks for interaction with our fans and readers will be adequate. As always, please feel free to email us.

More stuff coming soon

We’ll be making a more substantial page for Onslaught!, designing an actual title, and fixing any issues that may arise. What do you think? Do you have a setup for your website that’s similar to ours? Let us know on Twitter!

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