Play Crypt Run at California Extreme July 13-14

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Jun 27
Crypt Run at California Extreme

Want to play our upcoming game Crypt Run? Then you should come to our LIVE DEMO next month!


California Extreme is an annual arcade and pinball convention held in the California bay area. It’s basically a huge room packed with tons of classic arcade cabinets (it’s super awesome).

This year, we’ll have an 8-foot table (that’s ~2.5 meters for our Metric friends) with at least one computer set up to play an early preview of Crypt Run. We’ll be giving out stickers, high-fives, and possibly some other cool stuff.

Crypt Run stickers


California Extreme 2013 lasts two days:

  1. Saturday July 13th: 11am - 2am PST
  2. Sunday July 14th: 11am - 9pm PST


California Extreme takes place at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in Santa Clara, California. Their address is:

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California, USA, 95054


If you’re interested in going, you can register online or buy tickets at the door. Looks like it’s $40 for Saturday, $30 for Sunday, or $60 for the whole weekend. My wife and I go every year and it’s always a ton of fun.

We hope to see you there!

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