Unfortunate Lostcast news

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Sep 23
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I’m really frustrated right now. Our most recent attempt to record Lostcast failed. About 20 minutes into the conversation, we noticed that the microphone had stopped picking up Geoff’s voice. The culprit was a faulty microphone connector, so I tossed the cable. That particular problem shouldn’t happen again, but the wind was nonetheless taken out of our sails. To prevent an episode in which we both sounded irritated and stressed, we decided to try again later.

Fast-forward to Saturday, when we recorded an episode on Skype. We knew the audio quality would be lower than normal, but it turned out to be much worse than expected: even after we did an initial sanity pass, the audio ended up being unusable due to inexplicable crackling sounds.

So, apologies, but we’re currently too swamped with development to continue failing attempts to record Lostcast. We’ll try again soon!

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