The making of the Waveform 4 album cover

by Matt Hackett, 2013 Aug 25
Waveform 4

Video game composer and arranger Joshua Morse just released his new album Waveform 4. It features five awesome songs (including my favorite You Got Me) for just $4. That’s cheap folks, so go buy it!

Joshua tapped me to do the album art. He had the idea of a Game Boy playing drums, which is obviously an awesome idea. So first I did a quick sketch:

Waveform 4

Once Joshua gave it the thumbs up, I started placing pixels. I typically start by drawing out the silhouettes to make sure each element has a good shape and is recognizeale even without detailing. Then I decide on light sources and start to lay down pixels to represent shadows and lighting. Then I just repeat this process until I’m either happy or out of time!

Waveform 4

Below is a near-complete work-in-progress. I took another few passes at some lighting and details, and then redid the typography from scratch (I almost always need to do that, as my first pass of text is usually terrible).

Waveform 4

In this case, I unfortunately ran out of time before I was happy. I don’t think it’s a bad piece that I’m ashamed of (like some of my earlier work), but I know that I can do better so I’m overall disappointed with the result. What do you think? Crappy? Pretty cool?

Anyway, go buy Waveform 4, it’s awesome!

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