Your wish for a wishlist has been granted

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Mar 29

Update: amazing listener Joseph Huckaby has cleared out the wishlist! Thank you so much Joe!

Some of you fine, wonderful people have reached out to us via email, blog comments and Twitterwebs about supporting us via PayPal or similar services. First off, you’re awesome and that’s really appreciated!

While I feel a little weird accepting straight-up donations, we have created an Amazon Wishlist for Lostcast hardware (at the suggestion of our awesome listener Joseph Huckaby).

Making Lostcast sound better

So we hit a brick wall in how good our in-person interviews can sound. Since we only have two microphones, some participants must share a microphone. I think this is really clear in our recent interview with Arno van der Vegt. To me the quality of Arno’s voice is great, and ours is terrible (since we were sharing a mic).

Anyway we haven’t fixed this ourselves because we’ve already spent upwards of $1k on gear and the upgrades would be about that much more (and we’re indie now so we gotta be frugal!). So that’s what our wishlist is all about:

Shure SM58 ($99.00)

Photo from Flickr

Awww yeah we’ve got two of these already and they’re soo goood! I used to record guitar with them too, they’re very diverse.

15” XLR cable ($8.74)

Photo from Flickr

Did you know all brands of cables produce the same quality audio? We recently went to Fry’s to purchase video cables and a sales person tried to upsell us to Monster cables (which are like 5x the price!). Myth busted!

Another tip: buy much longer cables than you think you’ll need! Future self will thank you.

Microphone stand ($29.51)

Photo from Flickr

You want the speaker to be comfortable and relaxed when doing a podcast like Lostcast. So the way we do it is we relax in chairs and have microphone stands stick mics in our faces. This is another reason why Arno sounded great and we sounded like we were in tin cans… we didn’t have our own stands!

We bought one of these already and like it more than my old one, which was one of those round heavy ones that sucks because you can only barely stretch the stand’s neck out. This one’s way better!

Pop filter ($12.99)

Photo from Flickr

This attaches to the microphone stand and rests between the mic and the source to capture air bursts. Saying words like “pop” with heavy “p” sounds can mangle the audio! This prevents that.

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Audio Interface ($359.00)

Photo from Flickr

What the hell is that?! So in a nutshell this (expensive) device lets us record with more microphones. With our current M-Audio Fast Track Pro, we can only record two (and that’s not enough for an interview!).

Obviously this thing is extremely expensive and we’d be ecstatic to receive it. We’d be shocked (and very grateful!) honestly. The problem is that even if we had all of the above gear, we couldn’t use it without this, so I think we’d likely spring for it ourselves if amazing people bought us the rest of the gear!

Side note: we actually don’t need Avid Pro Tools MP that comes packaged with it, but this one is cheaper than the device by itself for some reason. Weird huh?

Thank you

Man, I can really geek out about audio hardware. Anyway thank you very much in advance! Anything we get we’ll do our best to use to increase the quality of our show.

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