Play the Onslaught! 2 prototype from late 2010

by Matt Hackett, 2012 Apr 27
Onslaught! 2 early prototype

During our recent interview with Dominic Szablewski, we remembered that at one point we were using his game engine ImpactJS to build our games.

A lot’s happened since then… we had to abandon some projects, pivot a few times, and these days we’re using our own in-house game engine called djinn.

But some prototypes have survived from our earlier days that we thought ImpactJS users might find helpful to play with. Here’s an early prototype of a tenative sequel to Onslaught! Arena that we were calling Onslaught! 2:

Onslaught! 2 early prototype

You’ll have to purchase a license to use ImpactJS, but once you do, you can fork the Onslaught! 2 source and go to town (literally)!

Play the demo


View the source code

The code is MIT-licensed and the graphics are “use-for-whatever-but-not-commercially”. Boy I need to read more about licenses someday… Enjoy!

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